Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December update

News flash! Sauntering to Santiago is now available in paperback, for those of you who don't have an e-reader. Check it out here.
I suppose my next pilgrimage has already started, as I've left the Seattle area and come back to Iowa for the winter and early spring.

Now, for those who might argue that leaving the maritime climate in Seattle for the frigid winter of the upper Midwest would paint a rather unflattering picture of my mental capacities and psychological condition, I can only say in my defense that there is a method to my madness. The cost of living here is relatively cheap, and saving as much as possible for the next "attempt at the summit" - living in Spain - is very high on my list of priorities. I'm taking a course in editing so that I will have a better chance of finding freelance editing and writing jobs to supplement my income as an English tutor in Granada when I complete the pilgrimage to Rome. In the remaining time, I'm in the edit and rewrite phase of my first novel, Five Seasons of Crystal (working title). And, I think I've already mentioned that Lynn Bahrych, a woman I met at a writers' conference, and I are working feverishly on a speculative screenplay. Here's the log line:

Forbidden love, a family curse, and a clever killer converge in 1984 Cabo San Lucas.

Pretty dramatic, no? It's rich with mystic symbolism and dramatizes the struggle between maintaining culture and economic advancement with the massive infusion of tourist dollars that began during the mid 80's in this once-idyllic but poor fishing village at the tip of Baja California.

Along with trying to find some freelance writing work, getting my novel ready for a professional editor, and the screenplay, I'm looking for a short-term PM contract so that I can put a little more money in the bank before I leave for Europe in May. I've decided to go to a screenwriting conference in London May 9-11, and then fly from there to Barcelona, where I'll begin the trek to Rome, documenting anything interesting on this blog site and/or my personal web site, DemarSouthard.com.

My backpack is ready, my boots are ready, I'm more than ready. 

May seems a long time away.